If you have an asymmetrical face does that mean you're unattractive?

I don't have a symmetrical face and I hear all this about symmetrical faces are proven to be more attractive. If you don't have a symmetrical face does that mean you're unattractive? I've seen people with both asymmetrical and symmetrical who are attractive, but that's just me.

No, I'm not going to show pics.


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  • People with ugly faces are unattractive. The rest of it is up for grabs.


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  • I you resemble a Picasso painting during his cubism phase, then no, that's not hot.

    I've heard the symmetry thing too... but if it's "too" symmetrical, that starts working against the person.

    I would say you'll probably be fine.

  • no, my dad has an asymmetrical face (as does everyone else on the planet), his chin is slightly lower on one side than the other, and his ears are at slightly different levels, but you'd never notice in person. I only saw it by studying his senior portrait from high school. He's never had problems finding a girlfriend either..

    • I'm talking about the whole face but I see what you're saying.

  • "HEY YOU GUYS!" (if nobody here's seen The Goonies don't comment)

  • Faces can be attractive or unattractive regardless of their symmetry.

    It's all about the features.

    For example:

    There's a girl with really pretty face, but she's been in a some kind of accident and now there's a scar or burn marks on one half of her face.

    Honestly I would still find her same attractive as she was before.

    But there's a person who just got bad face. Chubby, bad features, whatever - just unattractive.

    However - there's a perfect symmetry!

    All those bad features from one half of the face are the same on the other half aswell.

    Does it make that person attractive?


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  • If you don't have a perfectly symmetrical face, you can still be attractive. But you might not be as attractive as a person with a symmetrical face. No sweat.

  • Everyones face is asymmetrical... Photoshop does do wonders

    • Some people's are more symmetrical than others!

    • It can't be more symmetrical than others. It is either or and no one makes the cut for having a symmetrical face. Regardless, it doesn't make you less attractive as long as you don't lead on to the fact that is the chink in your armor of confidence.

    • Some people's are almost completely symmetrical, but thanks.

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