Would you ever date a chubby or heavy set girl?

What could a chubby girl to do make you want to date her? How can she make a good enough impression on you? If she was pretty in the face and you two had awesome chemistry together would you ever like her? What can she do to make you choose her over another, skinnier girl?


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  • Honestly, you're over-thinking here.

    Be yourself (yes, I said it), take care of your appearance, actually SHOW INTEREST (so many girls don't do this), and you'll attract guys. :)

    Btw, why are you assuming that "skinnier" is better? :)


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  • Only one of my girlfriends has been kind of skinny. I'm of average build and have been told that I am rather cute. What really clicks for me is that the girls and women I have dated have been honest and forthright, and we have had things in common. I promise you that there are guys out there that will be happy with you that are not ugly wankers living in their parents basement with zits all over their face. Just be honest with them, and most of all, be honest with yourself. Guys who are in to super cute women who are super skinny are only looking to get their thingees wet and don't care about their intellect.

    Tell me (ok, not ME because I am off the market, sorry) things that I might find interesting or to be on common ground. Are you 5-6 and 190 pounds? Don't try to lie about it (I had someone do that and even though she was otherwise OK by my standards, I couldn't be with someone who deceives me).

    So, ignore the stupid jerks who are obsessed with looks and are doomed to be cuckolds (look that one up) and focus on quality guys who will love you for your mind and personality.

    BTW, my special someone weighs around 190 pounds. Don't tell her I told you that...

  • No, I wouldn't. A critical part of physical attractiveness in a girl is that she be average weight or not ultra skinny or overweight. I eat right and exercise to keep my weight lean, so to me, I feel it isn't unreasonable to find a girl who does likewise. There are a few girls that have weight issues outside of their control, but it still doesn't make me attracted to them.

    Physical and emotional attractiveness goes hand in hand in my book, you can't really be attracted to another personal totally unless you have both. A mean skinny girl won't get any love from me either. You have to bring both assets to the table, at least when I look at potential girls.

  • Yup, pretty face and personality decides a relationship in my opinion.

    i date all types of body shapes, I prefer average but big girls can be attractive as well.


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