Guys, why do you tell girls which girls you think are hot?

After knowing this guy only a few days, we were walking down the street and he pointed out someone who he thought was really hot. Then again mentioned another girl in our class who he thinks is really cute. I didn't ask him at all, he just brought it up. Why? Is that not weird?


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  • It could be one of three things:

    1. He's trying to make you feel insecure (knowingly or unknowingly) by comparing you to other girls, directly or indirectly.

    2. He's just an admiring of beauty wherever he finds it, regardless of what he thinks of your looks.

    3. A combo of one and 2.

    • Why would he want to make me feel insecure?

    • Well, a lot of girls like to hang around men who make them doubt themselves. Girls want to prove that guys are "wrong" or that they just "need some work" and the girl will improve him. Believe it or not, there are a lot of really insecure girls out there that love hanging around guys who put them down in an effort to "win the guy" over. It isn't logical, but attraction isn't logical.

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  • I think it stupid for a guy to start making comments about other women to a girl he just started dating. It will probably make them feel insecure and question his integrity. That being said, I think it is fine for either the guy or girl to make comments like "that girls is hot" or "that guy is good-looking" once you reach a certain point in a relationship.

    There has to be a certain level of trust and if your significant other gets insecure or jealous of you commenting that someone is good looking after being a relationship for a while, that isn't good. My girlfriend and I make these comments to each other, but we are never jealous. We are just observant. Because I mention that someone I see on TV or on the streets is pretty, doesn't mean I want to leave my girlfiend for her, it just means she's pretty. If she or he can't be OK with that or doesn't trust you, then that is a problem.

  • This mean he has absolutely NO romantic interest in you whatsoever. It pretty much see's you as another guy.

    • so if a guy doesn't do any of that, really talks nothing about other girls and flirts with you, that means he is interested in you right?

    • You are correct.

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  • That's what people do - I mean - I'll have just met a guy through a mutual friend, and we'll be all walking and talking - mention or point out people we think are attractive.

    I wouldn't' jump to the conclusion that he's not interested in you per say if that's what your wondering - one of my guy buds talks about attractive girls at our school, and still flirts and makes moves at me.

    So it could just be that your cool enough for him to realize your not jealous or self - absorbed enough to not acknowledge pretty girls alongside him - which can indicate to him that your pretty confident and won't be an insecure wreck if he decides to date you.

    It could be just conversation and mutual sharing of an interest.

    Don't think he's trying to make you jealous on purpose or anything - I see no motive for that - unless he's trying to evoke female competition to get you to actively start engaging him.

    Because that'll do it if you like him lol


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