What's the best men's cologne?

I notice that my boyfriend cologne is almost out and I want to surprise him with a new one, which one would you recommend ?


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  • My boyfriend adores Davidoff Champion.. I got it for Christmas and was mega happy (I knew he wanted it anyway) .. I personally think it's okay .. but he and his friends all over it :D ..

    Personally I love Roma by Laura Biagiotti .. it's a strong, yet calm and romantic smell , I always get in the mood when my boyfriend puts it on :D ..

    Also La nuit de l'home by YSL is ah-mazing! .. My dad got it and I always keep smelling it , it is so delicious! ..

    You can't fail with these three lol , anyway you ll most probably try many at the store, just keep these in consideration :)

    • Thanks, I'm leaning more towards La Nuit since it gets you in the mood LOL

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  • Burberry

  • abercrombie and fitch fierce I am really addicted to it


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