Wearing no make-up: is it a turn off ?

Do you consider that girls who don't wear make-up are less feminine, and don't take care of them ? Is it a turn off?

I've never worn any make-up, I don't like how it feels on the skin and don't find myself prettier with it (I'm 22) especially not on a daily basis.

Yet my sister somehow made me understand that because I don't wear make-up, it makes me look like someone who doesn't take care of herself, who is not pretty.

I think a little make-up is okay when you go to a party, or to a dinner (mascara or eyeliner and a bit of lipstick or lip gloss...) but I don't really feel the need to put it on when going to college . I don't see the use in it.

Is it wrong ?
thanks for the answers. It's quite a relief to see that guys don't like it that much especially when the main pressure to wear make-up (at least for my sister) is to look good to guys


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  • not true it all!, Back in October I stopped wearing makeup all the time, and only wear it when I go out. I actually feel better doing this, and I think it shows that I am confident. Look at my profile pic, I am not wearing makeup :P

    • <3..how much makeup do you have on in Image 4? Good pic..looks like lipstick which I never minded anyway...(:

    • the only makeup I am wearing is lipstick lol, but thanks :)

    • You're definitely right for the "confident" part !

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  • I've asked most of the ladies in my life to wear as little makeup as possible. There are some times that it is nice to use (formal occasions, etc.) but overall I much prefer their natural beauty. Plus, I'm a nibbler, and I don't like the taste.

  • It depends on what the girls head looks like. If she gots stringy hair an warts on a big ol noggin she outta try an paint up her head some an make it nice. The ones that got a nice head are good anyway. That's my thinkin on it.

  • Wearing no makeup is a turn on...I like your view on makeup just fine! Tell your sister to screw up her own face...(:

  • as little as possible, I like natural beauty :)


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