Girls: What hair style to you like on guys?

Girls: What hair style to you like on guys?

Do you like it with waves, mussed up, curls or perhaps something else? What about straight hair? Do you like the buzz cut? Explain what hair styles and types you think are the most sexy girls and that makes you want to run your hands through a guys locks. Post pictures if you have them!
  • I like wavy hair on guys
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  • I like curly hair on guys
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  • I like straight hair on guys
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  • I like very short/buzzed/bald hair on guys
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  • I don't have a preference on a guy's hair
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  • I voted for A, but only because that's my favorite. It really doesn't matter whether it's straight, curly, wavy, or whatever, as long as I can run my hands through it and have something to grab onto ; ) Not too short, but not too long either.

    • Like this: link

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    • Deal.

    • lol thanks for BA!

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  • It really depends on the guy... but I tend to find men who have the purposely mussed up hair to be more of a sexy trend at the moment, also the fohawk.

  • mohawk. and curly/wavy hair..are my favorites on guys.

  • To me it actually depends on the guy too. If the guy can't make the style, it won't look good.

  • I like many different kinds, I am not particularly into blondes, I love dark hair especially if it's curly,I am not always into buzz cuts sometimes haircuts don't necessarily fit the person.I like a little length too, but hair past the shoulders is too much for me


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