Do guys like thicker girls?

I'm 5'3 and I weigh 180 lbs. I'm not fat by any means...or least I don't think so. I just have a thicker build with big boobs and a big ass with a little bit of a tummy but not much. The closest comparison I can come up with would be Snooki from Jersey Shore. The body only. Not the party-girl attitude. I feel like guys look me as the fat girl even though my friends tell me all the time that I'm beautiful. Do guys really think I'm that horrible or am I just looking in the wrong places?


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  • Yes! Every time I see a girl like how you describe yourself I just want to go up to her and tell her how Pretty she is.. It depends on the guy, and for me more the overall curves, big hips, & the face.. I'd say you have to have like proportionate boobs & butt and a curve in above the hips. And your face does seem pretty in that photo... I'd say congratulations, you're pretty! :)

    Although I would say it is rare to find someone attracted specifically to bigger girls. Just because a guys is big he's still most likely going to be more attracted to skinny women.. I think the neutrality is a little overlooked in the other responses, meaning I feel like you'd have to find someone whos attracted to bigger women because I feel like most wouldn't appreciate it, which is maybe why you feel like you do.. But there will be some people who don't exclude you right away and could be amazed by your beauty.


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  • " I feel like guys look me as the fat girl even though my friends tell me all the time that I'm beautiful."

    Just because someone is fat doesn't mean they're not beautiful.

  • Not really. Some guys will tolerate it or overlook it, but few guys are able to see past it and even fewer prefer it. Please don't take offense because this is not saying that you're ugly, but extra weight does lower attraction. Just start working out and you'll have a healthier slimmer body.

  • Well 5'3 and 180 lbl ? Someone like that should look pretty fat,.I;m not trying to be offensive. You have to be skinny to be beautiful. I'm 5'5 135 and I don't look skinny at all, could say a bit chubby.

    • You don't have to be skinny to be beautiful*

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