Beautiful women dating average guys or below average guys?

Right now, I saw more beautiful dating average guys or below average guys these days now. What you don't like about above average like me or handsome men? I know about cocky and awful personality or cheater good looking guys but if we prove you wrong we are not like that but you still go for average guys or below average guys?


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  • It's like personality. There's a guy that I really like that's probably a 4 on the 10 point scale, but we can't be together because it geologically won't work haha. ): I think it'd be kinda cool to date a guy that's less attractive, I by no means think I'm some stunner or anything, but I think I'm a tad higher than a 4, so to have all his Friends be like "you got that?" would make me happy, cause that'd probably boost his ego a bit ahaha.

    • No wondering why I am still single because they won't date me on my good looks but I can prove them I have personality but yet, they still won't give me a day of time. I think I can take my friend advice for being good looking so I can rather get sex than being in a relationship. I know a lot of girls rather have sex with good looking guys than in a relationship as well. I been there before girls all want to have sex with me.

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    • Why is it easy for me to say? /:

    • Never mind you don't understand. Good talking to u.

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  • Well it all depends on the person and science suggests sometimes chemistry and hormones have to do with it. You may not think someones attractive but the chemistry might be great you really like being around that person. Hormonal like the idea that, that person smells really good to you. Or a girl could be looking at it like well no one is gonna look better than me so she gets a lesser attractive looking guy. Then for pretty girls attractive guys don't really pay them any mind.

  • Sometimes personality counts, or physical appearance could be subjective?

    • Best answer. That and there are few good looking men who are good guys too. They exist but are hard to find.

    • Yea I used to be good looking and good guy but right now I'm jerk guy because I'm tried of them to not give me a chance for who I really am with my personality.

    • I'm sorry to hear that, seriously.

  • sometimes girls would be with these average guys because they just like them. simple as that. or there are girls out their who date average or below average guys because it makes them look better, hotter, or whatever. trust me, it happens.

    • Yea I trust you because it actually happens I see a lot of beautiful girls happier with average guys than with good looking guys.

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