What does it really mean? How should I take it?

If a woman calls a guy beautiful, What does it really mean? I don't know if it was a joke or not... I guess it is a compliment. Is it a good thing for a guy to be called BEAUTIFUL? I kind of froze up and did not know how to respond. It caught me off guard. I need help on this one.
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  • I would only use a word like that to describe a guy if I had very deep and intimate feelings towards him. I wouldn't throw it around and use it for every guy. It would be a very serious and personal thing for me to do. But as far as what it means - I'm sure most of us mean it the same as guys mean it when they say it to girls. But rather than using a term like "hot" which might only mean something physical, if I were to call a guy beautiful, it would mean that to me, he is as close to perfect as I believe is possible - both inside and out. I hope this answers your question somewhat.

    • I am not perfect lol. I am too nice though... It gets me nowhere in life. True story.

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    • I was talking to a woman I know and she called me beautiful... I did not know how to take it lol. Is that worse than being called hot?

    • I think it depends on the woman and the context in which she said it. What were you two talking about that led to her saying it? I could give a better explanation. lol

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  • I have called my boyfriend beautiful before. To me, "handsome" just isn't a good enough adjective - beautiful carries more weight, in my opinion. It's the same as if she called you "gorgeous" - that's a word that can be used for guys or girls. I think beautiful should be the same way because making words like that gender-specific is just silly.

    • I was so shocked by it lol. No one ever used that word for me before. I did not know how to take it lol.

  • I have used beautiful when describing a guy, but I use the word sparingly. Guys really don't like that adjective in my experience. Anyway, to me, it means he just exudes this physical attractiveness all over from head to toe. He probably has a great smile, gorgeous hair and skin and dresses like a million bucks.

    Without being there, I can't tell you if the chic was joking or not. I would not compliment someone unless I meant it.

    • I am just a regular person. Nothing special. I guess in her eyes I am more perhaps...

  • It means exactly what she said.She thinks you are highly attractive.Which is beautiful.This question is a no brainer. :)

    • Some have different takes on it. It may also men a good person but not physically pleasing etc

    • Wellif she doesn't know who you are (meaning your character,personality etc),then I think it's safe to say that she was obviously speaking of what you look like physically.But if she KNOWS YOU then she could be speaking of your personality and or looks.Either way,she complimented you.How should you take it?With a thankyou and keep it moving. :)

    • Yes she knows me...

  • yes it's a good thing.. your so amazingly handsome, u're gorgeous.. not many men are, major compliment man.

    • Funny thing is that I do not see myself as that handsome like that lol. I was shell shocked.

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    • Yep that is why I was feeling like she was lying to me lol. I have never heard that...

    • i mean I don't know the girl, so if she's a total bitch and has no cares, she was lying to u.. but I highly doubt it.. no woman would be like that.

  • She thinks you're a total babe! It's a compliment =]

  • Lol I don't know cause I've never called a guy beautiful, usually Sexy, studly, and handsome ;)

  • you probably have really feminine and delicate features

    • I don't know about that lol. I have facial hair and all lol. I slay tigers!

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