How do you do your eyeliner, girls?

So girls I was wondering how do you do your eyeliner ex Cat eye post pics if you can thanks :)


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  • audrey hepburn is my inspiration, but not as heavy looking as hers. I love her look and I also have the large eyes but mine are more round. I go for a classic look.

    i don't wear eyeshadow. then I use a deep brown (basically, blackbrown) eyeliner. I invisibly trace it upward starting at my lower lashline and draw that little upward wing. Then I draw a line 3/4 across my upper lid and connect to the wing. Then I thinly dot liner on my outer lower lashline.

    Then I add a nice amount of black mascara to my top lashes.

    And a teeny wad of it on the bottom.

    Don't have a pic handy, but I think you get the idea.


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  • I do mine on top and bottom eye.. I use the Sallys eye liner I always get compliments on it and its cheap $1.39 for a 7 inch stick :) I smuge it up in o a cat eye I lovess it

  • like this: link

  • I do it like five different ways. But they all of them include me tugging or pulling on to my eyelids...

    This is why I aviod wearing eyeliner...I do it only on special occasions. Mascara is something I wear on a day to day basis.

    1) Cat eye look..

    2) Thick straight line on lids. (I am wearing only thick eye liner and mascara in my profile is sort of winged out)

    3) Tight lining- Lining around my entire inside of my eye,

    4) lining lower lash line

    5) lining the outer corners of the inside of the eye.

  • link

    I try different ways, but this seems to look best on me.


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