Plucking ruins your eyebrows forever?

i read somewhere that if you pull out the wrong eyebrow hairs too many times it may never grow back.

i used to be a tweezer and I know I have a bare patch in my eyebrow. it is only 2 or 3 hairs but it makes a difference. will it ever grow back?

also, I got my eyebrows done and the woman threaded out so much hair. it's been two weeks and they are quite a bit thicker but the hairs aren't all growing in nice and neatly, the growth is visible because it's growing in random spots and patches. but I don't want to tweeze it because I want them to be thicker.

it's so annoying.

is this normal? how many more weeks until they are back to their normal thickness? they weren't bare just too thin after she did them.


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  • I pluck my brows.

    I haven't experienced that issue. They still grow back..even darker and thicker than before.

    but its fine...


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  • some people wax their legs. ALL THEIR LIFE. therefore, no, it's not true. you shouldn't believe everything you read.


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  • Your eyebrow hair will always grow back. I get mine waxed and it takes them about 4/6 weeks until they just need some tlc. My eyebrows have a natural shape to them so I never need mine reshaping.

    You could always fill them with an eyebrow pencil or just put some eyeshadow, obviously the same shade as your eyebrows. Don't make it obvious that you've filled them in though.

  • As someone who's tweezed, threaded and waxed my eyebrows for years...don't worry! Your hair will definitely grow back but it may grow a little patchy and uneven. Eventually your brows will grow back to their original shape and you can try again. If you tell the lady to thread a little at a time ans let you look periodically you can let her know when you have the shape you want.


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