Dying your hair jet black with minimal damage? Can it be done?

If I dye my hair jet black will I be able to later lighten up the color without damage?

Is dying your hair this color even damaging at all? I am thinking it wouldn't be because not only do you not have to use bleach, but the dye would actually COAT the hair strands making it stronger right? I don't know how hair dye works at all so I'm just speculating correct me if I'm wrong

Oh yeah, and to make this a 3 part question, do you think this is a good color for brown skinned girls? Some people say it washes us out, but I'm trying to figure out how this color could actually be bad since it's a subtle difference from off black anyway. if you look decent with off black hair then why wouldn't you look good with jet black hair?


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  • 1. Yes, if will fade out. Permanent doesn't actually mean permanent.

    2. Yes, if you do it wrong. I've been dying my hair since I was sixteen and I have strong, healthy, soft, shiny hair. You just need to use quality products and know how to care for colored hair. Keep in moisturized, don't do too many color changes in a short span of time that kind of stuff. Same way you'd treat your hair if you use a lot of straightners and such.

    3. I can't answer this one, I think you'll look beautiful regardless.


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  • Brown-skinned girls look good. Black hair, brown hair, no hair...doesn't matter. In fact, if I were a black woman I'd only date princes.


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