What body type do guys prefer?

I am very physically fit and work out religiously 3-4 days a week with weight training & running. I have a very toned, fit , curvy physique. I love hanging out with the guys at the gym working out (secret tomboy at heart).

Do guys find that type of body attractive? I am not bodybuilder muscular at all but have like 15% body fat and lots of curves. Or, do they prefer the girls that look like 12 year old boys?

I know personality is important but I am looking for "what takes your eye"



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  • Here is the recipe for my ideal body type:

    Take one girl whose natural body type is curvy. That is, she will naturally have a narrow waist, wide hips, thick thighs, and a large chest (not necessarily boobs but the whole upper torso area) regardless of fitness level.

    Add exercise so that her curves are now firm/muscular but still overall feminine in shape.

    As a gym girl you're going to understand what I mean by this:

    There are certain types of clothing that generally are not fashionable and look somewhat tacky on most people. But on a girl who has the type of body that can only built through rigorous exercise and healthy nutrition, they can look extremely good. Things like racerback tops that bare parts of the upper back that only look good if they have some muscular development.

    • I just find that guys that aren't "gym" guys get that sometimes or can be intimidated by a woman who can do pull-ups or something like that. I am a total tomboy at the gym but like to dress it up too :) BTW, you description sounds EXACTLY like how I am built and gym guys seem to really respect the hell out of me but just wondered about the general population out there :)

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    • Agreed! Gotta live a little :)

    • You sound cool. Too bad you're anon =P

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  • I like girls that are athletic, but still have their curves, sounds like your body type is good at least to me.

  • Asking a loaded question like that, is a sign of deep insecurity. Comparing girls who don't look like you to 12 year old boys? Very mature.

    That said, I prefer a girl with curves because they are a sign that she enjoys the good things in life. Isn't high maintenance.

    Someone who works out *religiously* probably isn't going to have the sort of curves I like, but even if she did, she's not the sort who'll enjoy a cheese cake with me because she will always be watching her figure.

    • :) Good answer...and I LOVE cheesecake.

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