Do good looking people have much easier?

i find good looking people have much easier they have do much to get friends , jobs ,relationships , popularity

romance is always waiting on wings for them

people are always nice to them they always accepted and have great

social life .if a guy goes they always girls falling all over them seves for with them with zero effort they can reject girl find new girls few minutes later .every one love teachers love them boss love them .

it does not seem fair at all .if you ugly you life going to be extremely hard every aspect of life what good looking people take for granted

is such thing down side to good looking people lives i so event since i was child .

pleae no shallow answers ,no smart answers , no gammers nazis please

yee don't know me please answer what i ask .my life is very hard .very hard

please be nice please i did nothing to no one here
things like find love and romance mean absoulity nothing to them nothing at all not its mean the world to me who are not allowed have it . that's is not fair so not fair .it means nothing to them not a bloody thing .they can get away by being so cruel to less fountate who have no luck with friends or love or social life so very very cruel . yet after all that they can still have good luck on there beside pure nasty and person did it still has nothing still left by themselves


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  • Hi, excellent question Anon!

    Yes, you're right they do? But others who aren't that good looking, also have some chance to prove that they believe they're good looking, and convince others around them. If you're happy with yourself people won't doubt you're beautiful! :)

    I'm sure you're good looking though, but I appreciate you being genuine as well, and that makes me believe in you. :)

    How else can I convince you that you're beautiful ma'am! :D

    • good looking people blessed since childhood with nice looks life is easier from there on out .but they can very mean and cold towards us less fortunate types if you not as good looking like them I had that experience it was very unpleasant and very nasty and cold he found new girl week later with no effort as for me I am still struggling just make one male friend.he had tons women who fancy him they found him he didn't even look for them ITS LIKE MAGIC they came out of no where and found him

  • You aren't the only one to wonder about this. It has been studied and proven that people with good looks TEND to be more successful in life. Makes sense, people like things that are beautiful so we appreciate those that are easy on the eye. It's just animal nature.

    • have you seen how the other half live does not mean less attractive people should suffer lack good genetic. believe me its not nice to be treated badly on how you look you have to see it from both sides not just one . animal nature is also kill eat its own young too that's animal nature too !

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    • Well the thing to remember is that not all people are like that but I agree, its annoying to hear people complain when they probably shouldn't be. Or if they have petty issues to complain about.

    • i herd one guy complain about very stuff I mentioned .good looking spoilt idiot have no clue real life and real people like do know he cut me apart I am the one nothing I felt sorry and he attacked me over it .he told me I was old and get friends my own age I have no body I still have no body he has tons new friends girls who fancy him .creep like compling about stuff like that

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