What does the eye contact thing usually mean?

The both of us are friends/group mates. we work on things together, speak to each other in class sometimes. but when we are discussing things in a group, he always looks at me whether or not either of us are speaking. like even if another person made a joke and we were laughing he would look at me. and when he were addressing the entire group, it always seems as if he's only speaking to me cause he looks at my face very often.

what's worse is, sometimes the both of us have prolonged eye contact. now when someone holds eye contact with me, I try to hold it back, cause it seems rude to suddenly look away or I might come off giving off the wrong signal. but eye contact is very daunting and very awkward for me. but my friend is able to hold like 3-5 sec eye contact without looking away. and sometimes he does it smiling. it kinda makes me embarrassed and a little shy. but when he's standing right beside me he just has very brief eye contact moments and looks away quickly if I look back.

erm, I don't really read all these eye contact thing very well, so what would you make of it if sth like that happened to you? thanks (:


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  • I would say that he really likes you but is shy or akward at expressing his feelings towards you.