Guys, what outfit is most attractive?

which one and why?


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  • The Mango Knit dress looks pretty cute, but it all comes down to how your personality matches your clothes. If you look unapproachable or overly concerned with how you look then you're not going to look "attractive."

    The hottest girls are the one's having fun and who appear most approachable, no matter how average their clothes.

    ~ Robby

    • i don't want to be "hottest girl", this outfits I created and it reflects my personality

    • Ah, good point.

      Why would our opinions of these outfits matter then, since we don't know your personality?

    • well when you go on the street what you look at 1st, appearance of course...

  • k.m1 is hot if you've got the body to fill it out. Form fitting clothing is always attractive.


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