Can you girls describe everything a guy should know about girls, or just explain girls in general?

I find girls confusing and I just want to know about girls I guess.


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  • Girls are overanylitical and if we like a guy, we analyze his every move and I mean everything

    If you like a girl and you hold eye contact with her for a few seconds, she will be thinking about you all day and she will be wondering if you like her and she may start to like you back.

    Never trust what a girl says, look at her actions. What she is telling you is only what she wants you to know and what is going to benefit her. If it benefits her to tell you the truth, she will, but if it will not benefit her, she's going to lie. Its a way of protecting our feelings and keeping ourselves from getting hurt.

    We appreciate guys that have the guts to show interest and approach us. If you show interest, she will try to like you back whether she wants to or not.

    Girls are just as horny as guys, we just don't talk about it/ show it as openly as guys because its not socialy accepted in society and we feel like we would look like whores. Also, a lot of girls masturbate, we just don't talk about it.

    Girls are all a little physco in some way. Some girls show it more than others.

    We think with our emotions before we think about things rationally and logically. When we are emotional and upset, we make bad decisions because we physically cannot think about things in a logical way when we are in this state. We do stupid things when we are emotional and once we are not emotional, we realize that what we did was wrong and not rational and we regret our bad decisions and sometimes apologize. So you really can't take things to heart when we are all upset because generally we get out of our heads and make stupid choices.


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  • if you're dealing with a straightforward girl, like myself, there's literally nothing easier. we want to feel wanted and loved. we want you to make us feel good about ourselves, because there's nothing sexier than a guy who can make you happy being you. BUT don't lie. don't make stuff up to make us happy, it might work for a minute but in most situations, honesty is much more valuable.

  • Girls test you guys constantly, and you don't even know it! We carefully word our questions and comments to have right and wrong answers, even when we tell you there is no right or wrong answer. We're testing you.

    We overreact and over-think and over-analyze. Everything girls do haa a hidden meaning, and therefore we're looking for a hidden meaning in what guys do. We do it, so we assume you do too. A brush on the arm, eye contact... all "signs" to us.

    We hold grudges.

    When we say we're "fine", we're not.

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    • Why do you try to confuse guys instead of saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

    • I guess you're referring to the "I'm fine" statements we make. Uh, I can do it for 3 reasons... 1: I really don't want to talk about whatever is bugging me so I say I'm fine and hope you drop it. 2: I'm mad at the guy and I don't want to give too much away. (ex: "Are you mad?" "No, I'm fine." "Really?" "Yeah, I'm fine") and 3: I'm not fine, but I don't want to say why right away so I want you to push until I give it up.

  • girls are constantly analyzing the guys around them (weather they are aware of it or not) and in my opinion if they give a chance they feel that he is what she is looking for. Some girls settle for any guy because they might lack self esteem but generally if a girl talks to you ... consider that she wants to get to know you more... Girls want guys to open up and talk about their feelings... but guys never do...

    some girls want guys to give them the world.

    it depends what kind of girl you are dealing with and what stage she is in life... you have more in common than a girl that is around your age than you think.

  • they should know the basics

    1. if I complain, come one and at least listen to what I am suggesting or not wanting to do

    2. dont' try to make me jealous or I'll dump you because it's unnecessary and I hate games

    3. we look at every thing and go through every detail

    4. we're more emotionally attached but we want someone who is jsut as emotionally attached

    5. we like our boyfriends to have a sense of style

    • What kind of style though?

  • when we say 'im fine', we're not

    we can hold a grudge for a really long time

    most of us get jealous quite easily

    we over analyse everything, we think everything has a hidden meaning.

    we HATE being lied to

  • Each girl is going to be different. There're the general rules about girls, but that doesn't mean they all apply to each girl. For example:

    -If a girl says "I'm fine" it usually means she isn't.

    -However, if I say "I'm fine" it actually does mean I'm fine. When people ask how my day was, I'll say it was fine, okay, or school-y. If something amazing happened, I'll say it was fine or okay, and then tell what happened. If I'm not fine, I'll say my day was long, or it made me tired, etc. That's my way of letting it out, without actually complaining.

    So, to confuse you further, all these rules you hear about girls aren't even always going to apply.


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  • If it were possible for ANY girl to answer such a broad ranging question then it would be the Holy Grail and we'd bind the answers and publish them for all the world. Seriously.

    I'd like to thank all of the girls who would even attempt to answer your question and those who have already described any minute portions of the female psyche.

    Personally I think that there are no true answers since girls are one of the last true enigma's of life. I think that boolean algebra, differential equations and decoding the human genome all pale in complexity compared to girls. And that's as it should be. Do you 'really' want to know all about them?

    I celebrate that unknowable factor and simply try to do my best to offer love when they puzzle or perplex me which is still fairly often despite 20+ years of practice. Otherwise I'd go crazy.

    • I suppose you bring up a good point I just wish I knew how to talk to them and everything. The truth is I have trouble talking to girls so I just need advice on girls.

    • Talk to them like your regular friends, except they are a bit more sensitive and smell way better. Putting them on a pedestal will only make your efforts more difficult. Good luck.

    • Thanks I just hope my shyness won't keep getting in the way. I mean I love it when I am able to talk to a girl it just takes me a while to be conformable with some girls.

  • :D:D

    I adored reading those answers: they should be compulsory reading for all boys 12-18 years (and the more naive older ones)

  • wait wait wait... women... don't listen to them they are just going to confuse you bro... listen women are like little babies bro(women don't take this as " are you saying I cry alot") take little steps to get to know them. Think of yourself someone trying to get to know you, you wouldn't want a stranger to just ask you stupid questions Right? find something that you would want to know about you... ask yourself what question would you ask yourself... example what do you like to do for fun...remember not all men are the same... same for women...I could tell you everything but I hate writing so if you need anything bro just ask me don't ask women they will just confuse you

  • I think girls really just want someone who can do what they can't...

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