I need new shampoo and conditioner. Any suggestions?

Hey guys! What to say, what to say.. I have long blond hair almost down to my waist that is oily at my roots, and dry/tangly at the ends. I have used Aussie moist, tresemme moist/damage, dove damage/oil stuff, diamond shine, and argan oil poo/conditioner, main and tail, and suave almond and shea. I don't know what to do because it gets REALLY tangly if I don't stay up and air dry it. Blow drying makes it a bit better, but then I get spilt ends. I have had several hair cuts(a couple inches at a time) so I have no clue why my split ends keep coming back. I don't use curlers or straighteners more than once a month. and I DO use a detangler from main and tail but it just stops working. I need new products to see if any help. Any suggestions? Help me!:) Thanks<3 (P.S. Anyone know about Joico moisture stuff?)


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  • I have the same sort of thing with my hair. It gets super dry at the ends but that's also kind f my own fault since I color it so much lol. I use schwarzkopf gliss shampoo then use Aussie conditioner and about once or twice a week I will use the 3 Min miracle. That seems to do the trick. If I use heat on my hair then I always make sure that I have heat protector of some kind and use medium heat rather than full.

    I hope this helps at all.



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