I said some things during sex that probably shouldnt have been said.

Haha I'm kind of spastic and these things slipped out..

You look like your dead.

I like your hair longer.

Do you have any stds.

Are you using me.

I have a bad gag reflex.

Turn the lights off!

Thats a few things I said, is this bad? this was throughout like 2hrs not all at once.

Did I ruin it?


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  • lol well if you are being honest no... but its not a bad idea to not say anything else lol


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  • If you are asking a guy if he's using you, or asking if he has any std's, then you should probably stop sleeping around.

    • Me and this guy are close and he's the only person I've ever been with so I'm not sleeping around.

      I didn't think he was using me I just wanted to see what he would say if I asked him.

      And I'm like spastic and when I went to give him a bj I asked him that out of nervousness.

    • Oh ok, well that's good that you don't sleep around. Probably not the best things to say though lol.

  • Haha is this your boyfriend? I'd think its cute lol.

    • Ha no I wish he was my bf, but its a guy I've been talking to for 2 and a half yrs.

      He lives in my old state

    • I wouldn't wrong about anything :) Everyone is different. That's what makes us... well us lol

    • **eh worry I meant

  • Uh, numbers 1 and 4 were inappropriate.

    • The rest were ok

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  • the major question that you should be asking is, does he have any std's...that's really important to know. do not have sex with anybody unless they show you their test results. You wouldn't want to ruin your life, over a moment.

    • Showing test results means nothing if the person has had any sexual relations since the test was taken. Test neg. today....sleep with someone tomorrow and then sleep with you later....whos to say they didn't get something from the one they slept with the day after test????

      If someone doesn't ALWAYS practice safe sex, the risk is ALWAYS there.

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