Girls in terms of body image what are the most important things to you?

I see heaps of questions asked by girls regarding what is a good body, is their body okay, are they too fat, are they too thin etc.. So it got me wondering what factors are they really basing it seeing as most of these questions simply list a height and a weight (possibly a BMI they got of some dodge internet calculator). What is it that actually makes girls decide their bodies aren't right. Personally I think BMI is absolute rubbish it has no consideration for huge factors the effect your weight/ height ration, my weight is pretty meaningless because if I have a healthy lifestyle (eating well, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep etc..) why should I worry about 2 numbers? I base my opinion how I feel about my body on how I look to myself, how clothes fit me, if I feel fit and healthy overall and a small amount on what guys think of my body. How about you?
  • What the scales say or what your BMI is.
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  • Clothes size.
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  • How you look in the mirror.
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  • How you feel.
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  • How others perceive your body (eg, having guys check you out, getting compliments etc..)
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  • I perfectly and entirely agree with you! .. I don't care about BMIs either although I did try it several times and based my frustration on it , however what really makes me feel better is when previously small clothing items fit me perfectly now .. I am a naturally curvy girl , no not fat, just curvy! , so I ll never be a pencil skinny person and it took me ages to learn to live with that..Also how I feel about myself counts, I know when I get a tummy and I know when I feel heavier.. so I start working out more !


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  • yeah bmi is stupid, but girls are always comparing their bodies that they see in the media, and the products being advertised to them.

  • People can criticize you all they want, but at the end of the day it's all about how you feel about yourself because how you feel about yourself will reflect your personality.

  • I said how I feel cause that is what's most important , but all of those play a part in it. I would definitely say that the more I get checked out and complimented the better I feel though.

  • bmi and scale

  • How others react to my looks.

  • how I look in the mirror


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