Why do people assume you're self-conscious or hiding flaws just because you don't want to expose your body?

It seems like guys on this site think that.

Don't you think some girls that have amazing bodies simply dress modestly in order to guard themselves from unwanted attention to their bodies? What's so wrong about that?
So not showing your body to the world is now considered being a prude?


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  • theres nothing wrong with it, it just comes off as prudish and stuck up I think

    • If there's nothing wrong with it why would you say it's prudish and stuck up? I fail to see how it is that.

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    • Slut is only offensive when a man says it, have you ever noticed that, answerer?

    • hmm I think that is mostly true, but sometimes girls can insult with it too

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  • ALL guys? I don't think so...actually...females that like to show off their bodies are vain? ..(:

    • @Update...naw..like tohrment said...do you wear normal...but non-revealing...clothing? Or are you talking about midi or maxi skirts etc? I mean normal clothing shows some leg...just doesn't necessarily have to ride clear up your a$$...(:

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    • Restricting to "an inch or two" is pretty conservative but not real weird or anything..I have no problem with it...I don't think all girls need to go traipsing around in cheerleader outfits...(:

    • The thing is I don't think that's conservative at all. I almost feel like I shouldn't show any leg at all, as I never get hot in the summer and I don't want to tempt other men.

  • Men want a girl they can show off to people. It's a status thing

    • If she's beautiful she doesn't wear revealing clothing.

      I thought most men were territorial and don't want their woman showing off what they show him in private.

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    • You're doing some fine trolling here. I'm done fighting with a troll, retard

    • Anyone with sense can see that you're an idiot. No one agrees with you.

  • Sexy outfits make us more attracted to you. If your always covered up then you won't really be as attractive if that's what you want. Makes a person seem more self conscious and not as confident also about their body.


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  • I feel like you should take the male opinions on here with a grain of salt cause they aren't the type you'd even notice or want to impress. They'd be too busy in the corner blaming everything on jerks and females and their height.

    Take it w/a grain of salt.

    • The males on here do seem quite...different.

  • I think they just view those types of women as prudes, tbh. But then again, it depends on your definition of 'modest' clothing.

    • Yes...true..are we talking about every day clothing? or a suit of armor? ...lol...(:

    • @update: it's more like thinking you have such a great body that showing it would tempt too many men, or that wearing clothes that are revealing or show off your body is immodest.

  • Because it seems you're not comfortable with it if you're hiding itp

    • Yes...everyone chooses to hide their genitals in public...because they're not comfortable with it...

      ...that makes sense

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    • Why? Your nose is on your face so of course it's going to be seen. Your d***/p**** is between your legs so of course it's going to be covered

    • You missed my whole point. No one really walks around in public with no bottoms on-maybe you do, but most people don't do it because they're uncomfortable with their private region.

      What I'm saying is just because you choose to cover something doesn't mean you're self-conscious about something. There's a ton of reasons why someone might want to cover their body or a body part. Make sense?

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