What to wear on a summer date!? (for guys)

I don't have many fancy/dressy clothes. I'm the typical guy...jeans and a t shirt. Problem now is that I'm dating this girl and things have a good chance to get a bit serious and I want to be able to look good on dates. What should guys wear on dates? I hate polos...just saying. I golf a ton so whenever I wear them I think I should be golfing instead of a date, so any other suggestions would be great!

If you can, provide some links :) Thanks!
Sorry for the typo in the title :P


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  • Wear what you feel makes you look good while still representing you.

    My go to clothes are button ups + jeans. They looks nice, still be useful in casual or fancy.

  • You need to dress for where you're going, the fact that it's a date doesn't really change that. So what kind of dates are you planning to go on?

    • Well I need a variety of clothes for a variety of dates...parks, comedy, movie, dinner, sports games, concerts, malls, ect... so what do you think for a couple of those just so I get an idea? I just bought a couple long sleeve button downs, a nice tshirt, and I will get a nice pair of jeans. What else? Mainly short sleeve stuff.

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    • I'm definitely in shape ha ha I'm 6ft 135 lbs. So I'm skinny but really athletic.

    • You probably need to tailor anything you wear man. If it looks baggy on you, you look too thin. If your clothes fit, it seems like YOU are the right size as well.

      I've been trying medium tall shirts from lands end etc, they fit me decently but I'm 6'3, 180. You need the skinniest damn stuff you can get.

      For shirts, you need to buy slim fit and then get them tailored MORE. Or just have them made.

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