Being "good looking" = high advantage in the workforce; overall, fact or fiction?

We probably all heard people talk about the subject said above.


By "workforce", I'm talking about:

*job fairs & similar employee prospecting events

*pictures of potential employees found during "internet investigations"

*job interviews

*treatment by coworkers (of both genders)

*treatment by bosses/management (of both genders)

*amount of money earned



Referring to both genders on the above subject, what is your take on this subject?

Please vote and elaborate. Feel free to use personal examples of yourself or people you've observed.

Don't forget to rate the question, and I shall be awaiting tthe awesome discussion that shall occur. :)
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  • Slight / minimal advantage
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  • No advantage at all
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  • Slight / minimal disadvantage
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  • Significant disadvantage
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think it's true. On my very first interview the interviewer kept on saying how "cute" I was. By the end of the interview I was told I got the job and how "cute" I was. "You're just so cute"..

    The better you look the better you're treated.

    • least you got the job.

      Do you feel that getting hired was less of a merit because there was a focus on your looks?

    • ehhh.. sort of. I've had different jobs since then. It really depends on the interviewer and on the job I'm applying for.

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What Girls Said 6

  • Yes I think this is true. I used to work in a restaurant and one manager said he always put me in the front because I attract customers. I got treated well by most people but my good attitude and skills helped a lot too. I don't know how things would have worked if I only had a pretty face and no skills and didn't show up to work, but I'm not gonna act like being cute has nothing to do with it. we live in a shallow world and looks are an advantage

  • I think it may help with certain jobs, but also it can depend on how great the person is for the job they are applying for, the skills they can contribute and what not.

  • Some advantage, but being presentable and profession, and especially speaking well are more important than facial features/fitness. Have you ever seen Seth Rogan? Compare how he looks when he's receiving an award to how he looks when he's pretending to be a schmuck in Knocked Up? Which version do you think would get more respect from the average interviewer?

    The bias is probably higher for low level jobs where attractive staff add to the atmosphere (elite bars/resturants) and lower for jobs that require a particular skill set (accounting, nuclear physicist).

    Most jobs are pretty neutral -- teacher, clerk, medical staff, IT person -- you need the skills and you need to not look like a slob. But your actual looks don't matter so much.

  • I don't know about that.

    At an interview, I was told that I have a nice face.

    But, also that I was shy and didn't have the right experience for the job.

    I worked at a dress shop and don't focus on the way I look too much. They made comments about how I should dress up more. They also complimented my looks a few times, as in natural. My other coworkers would work on their physical appearance, nicer clothes, etc. They wanted me to more. Which was lame.

    I was at this pie place the other day, and all the waiters looked like male models. My friends and I joked that you needed to be good looking to qualify working there.

    I guess it depends.

    It could help sure.

    Good hygiene and looks does play a part.

  • I think being good looking certainly can't hurt, but it won't make or break how successful you are.

  • His is true and had been proven


What Guys Said 1

  • It affects genders differently.

    For men, its a straight up advantage.

    For women, its a big advantage in low level jobs, and may actually hurt for the most senior ones.

    There are studies, look 'em up if you're that interested.


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