If you have killer looks, how much more likely are you to show it off?

Cheerleaders (good looking ones) gymnasts, dancers, exhibitionists, models, p*rn stars (give or take) Are you more or less likely to want to show off your body, especially if you have a significant other?

Men as well. Bodybuilders, models etc...


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What Girls Said 1

  • more likely to show it off because you feel good about yourself and sexy


What Guys Said 1

  • When I started working out seriously, I noticed that I would boast more. Though I haven't touched a weight in 2 weeks and about a month before that, I still feel comfortable in a sleeveless shirt. A year ago from today, I was ashamed to wear sleeveless shirts. Based on that, if I was actually hot (not according to 16 year old girls), I would soooooooooo be a showboat. If I had a girlfriend (and I would if I had killer looks) I would still wear sleeveless shirts. Just won't talk as much junk.


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