Why do I only here this "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" from ugly people?

I'm being real right now, I know that the saying isn't real and people can only be attracted psychology to people who are on the same level or above.

2nd , why should people be considered ugly ,why should we have the word only. No one is ugly but some people are much less good looking then others.

"beauty is from the eye of the beholder" not


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  • You have a point and I concur 75% with what you said but! people have different opinions on what is considered "attractive".

    I have a female friend who asked me out and I turned her down because I don't find her attractive, My guy friend on the other hand finds her cute/adorable/pretty. I didn't turn her down because I don't think I'm better then her or anything, but simply put, I don't think she's someone who gets my engines revved up.

    For a more better example, I find Scarlett johannson very sexy, Her beauty, intelligent aura, her smile,etc is amazing in my opinion, While my other friend thinks she's "okay" in attractiveness wise.

    Everyone has different views on what works for them, I love big breasts, my friend likes, small and petite breasts, different stroke for different folks.


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  • Its because people feed on any hope they can get.

    Some pounce on the religion bandwagon, others find safety in the sayings such as "beauty is in the eye of the beholder", "theres always more fish in the sea" and the novelty idea of soul mates because ultimately, the worst fear most of us have is that of being alone for the rest of our lives.

  • lol you "know" nothing. Girls can change their whole opinion of a guy based on his personality, seeing an unattractive guy as handsome or hot.. Since you've never seen this happen/experienced it yourself I'm guessing you just assume your one viewpoint applies to everyone. What you think is a hot girl might be ugly to me, and vice versa. Is anyone "right" when were talking about subjective opinion? That's about as stupid as saying that your favorite color is better than someone else's.

    • some things are really ugly like extreme weight

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    • LOL platinum failure? Yah I can see that. All 200 of your fans are gonna make you sell one million records? BAHAHAHAHAHAH

    • You know nothing about the industry I have 100 of site and grow up.i can get a deal, but said for you,you have a bad personalty.

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  • "People can only be attracted to people who are on the same level or above."

    What if I consider myself to be hideous, when another person may consider me to be gorgeous? Does that mean I'm on a high "level" or a low "level" (whatever these "levels you speak of are, anyway)? It's all a matter of opinion. What "level" you are on is a matter of opinion.

    So beauty is a matter of opinion.

  • Hm, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, personally, I think this statement is just saying that different people find different things appealing. That "beauty" is dependent on the individual looking upon that "beauty." So really, the one looking is the one that determines whether or not something is beautiful to him/her.

    And to your second point, some people are considered ugly not just based on physical appearance, but personality as well. What I think you're getting at is degrees of attractiveness? Like, Person A is pretty, Person B is okay, and Person C isn't as attractive as Person A or Person B. I think this already exists, and ugly isn't the only word used to describe people's looks! Everything is relative based on individual tastes, which goes back to the beauty is in the eye of the beholder idea.

  • It's a true statement, but people use too often it out of context. Different people have different ideals. I like "boy next door" Opie types. My best friend likes brawny, bulging types, my other friend likes tattooed, skinny rocker types. Etc. It's a true statement.

    But people use it out of context to excuse people who put no effort into being sexually attractive, or to hope they can land their ideal without putting any work into being desirable themselves. And often, us average people can't land everything they desire in a partner, but we can get enough to be satisfied.


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