Can feel the fat on my tummy?

Ive been dieting and working out for a month, then two weeks ago I stopped due to deep depression and some health problems and went home to my family. I've been sitting and working near the computer a lot, and gained all the weight back. My stomach and back hurt a lot, and I feel very bloated and kind of can feel the fat on my stomach when I'm sitting and it bothers the heck out of me. Yet I didn't work out yet and I am all in pain all the time, and so annnoyed. Did anyone have that feeling? I feel so fat and disgusting it is killing me. And can inactivity stiffen you up? what should I do?


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  • erm why do you think that when you get old you stiffen up? its because your no longer as active...x

    • i haven't said anything about being old have i

    • No you asked can inactivity stiffen you up, I was merely saying yes, and that that's why among other reasons old people stiffen up, because they are no longer as active, so, yes inactivity can stiffen you up because your muscles are no longer used to being used in any way but idle,x sorry if offended somehow,x

    • ahh no its OK, lol. thanks for the answer

What Girls Said 1

  • You're in pain all the time because you're inactive and sitting at the computer. That WILL stiffen you up and make you sore.

    You should work on your diet and start working out again.

    • You are right, I hope I can do it, just need to find the strenght

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