Length of shorts for muscular legs?

For a short girl (barely over 5'2 1/2) who has muscular legs and thighs, what's the best length of denim shorts? Or do you just use the fingertip or bend over rule.

You can use your own example or pics but here:


These are the shorts I'm shopping for above ^^^

Oh, and these aren't for special occasions. I'm just talking about running around, hanging out with friends, going to the movies & dealing with nice breezy days or incredibly hot disgusting weather in Tx.


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  • I have thighs kind of like that, and personally I try to avoid super short shorts, like the kind that barely cover the butt because I find they ride up and make the thighs look larger. Also, super tight shorts will make them look larger as well.

    Anything other than those 2 things should be fine but I find shorts that hit just above mid thigh are the most flattering for me.


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  • Super short, relatively close fitting but not tight.

    Do not wear capris. They only look decent on borderline emaciated women.

    If your legs are disproportionate fitted short shirts with a looser top is probably the best look.

    • Super short sounds like a male answer lol

      Super short are for thin legs though, so that's a no can do

    • Super short is a knee jerk male answer but in your case the right one. Anything ending mid or low on the thigh will make them look wider.

      Observed some women with the build you described out today and I stand by what I said with the additional note: do not go high waist. I mean the shorts can have a higher rise if a shirts over top but the apparent break between shirt and short should be below waist.

    • High waist is tacky and looks best on tall, slim women so I'd never do that. VERY few, if any, women can pull that look off. Plus, I just think it looks tacky in my opinion. Just a simple trend that has yet to go away.

      I'll leave the short shorts for the lucky girls haha. I think I'll opt for something like bermuda shorts

  • Male opinion...
    Short and tight is sexy, doesn't need to squeeze you but that isn't bad. Loose or longer is not. I'd say right at the buttcheek or even maybe a tiny comes out at times. I think longer skinny jeans/shorts are better for skinny legs.

    Unless you have a lot of cellulite or gigantic hips compared to your legs, shorter than what is linked. Those one's are good for girls that are just fat and want to look sexy or don't want to look attractive.

    Wear what's comfy but if you want to be sexy get about volleyball shorts size. Most men like thick legs unless you are just fat.


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  • i am also short and I'm not heavy but I have very thick muscular thighs and a big butt so I always feel self conscious in shorts. but I was wearing them in the house and my female friends told me they look sexy. I do think short shorts would look good but they are going to appear a bit more "revealing" than they would on a stick skinny girl, don't know if that would bother you or not. a lot of guys will probably stare.

  • I think shorter shorts on short girls (jeez) make their legs look longer. If you opt for longer shorts, it tends to be more unflattering. If you have muscular leg I'm assuming they are super toned, so I think they'd look banging in some short shorts :D So long as butt cheek isn't showing (unless you're into that, cos heaps of girls here in Aus wear them), I think you're good to go :)

  • I think it depends on how muscular your legs because if they are too muscular then maybe you should skip the shorts and go for jeans or maybe capris if your calfs are not to big or muscular. If your legs aren't that muscular then try a length between your knees and thighs.. I think shorts are for skinny legs and guys go crazy over tall skinny girls in shorts so maybe you should skip the shorts?


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