Why would a girl say I look terrible?

I was drunk one night outside my apartments and smoking a cigarette and a girl walking in tells me "you look terrible" she asked me if I was high on something and I told her no. And she mentioned something about me staring at her...WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I'm a good-looking guy so why can't I stare?


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  • By terrible she probably meant you look wasted which is why she asked if you were on anything.

    Maybe a guy staring at her makes her feel uncomfortable.

    She probably would rather you communicate with her verbally than through your eyes.

    • Ya I agree, good answer. =) I don't think she should of said that, It was just rude.

  • Well at the moment you must of looked terrible like you were on something. Sure you may remember most things but a sober person (assuming the person is sober or not as drunk) remembers things better than a drunken person.


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