Do you judge a girl by her cover?

Do you judge the book by their cover?

I'm curious about this because I am a bit shy and been going through some heavy stuff so I've reserved myself and keep to myself, and I'm curious what people I see regularly like at the gym and stuff, think of me. Do I seem cold or just shy etc. So what about you, do you assume things, like say if you saw me around would you just think I am anti social bitch? lol


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  • Sometimes. Just depends on who she is.


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  • some girls make it very very hard for me not to.

    but I still try.

    i've been surprised too many times by what a girl can really be like once she's given a chance.

    last time this happened to me, she turned out to know how to belly dance, she's from the middle east, tho she looks totally white. and she likes classical music!

    i was like :O

  • We all judge, whether we want to believe it or not. If I see a girl who dresses like a hood rat, I wouldn't approach her. If she has Chucks and jeans, then yes.

  • Not at all..if I dug your looks...I would crave for a look underneath the cover...(:


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