Experienced cocktail waitress, how do I make my outfit a little more conservative?

I just got a new job as a cocktail waitress, how do I make my outfit a little more conservative ?

I'm not small or big just curvy I have big thighs/legs/butt/boobs and I have a small stomach

this outfit is a corset which I can cover with a vest

but the skirt I have to wear is so short do you think I could wear leggings/ thigh highs maybe black ones to cover my legs ?

I really need this job but this custom is making me uncomfortable so experienced cocktail waitresses how do you make your outfit a little less revealing ?


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  • Try pantyhose or black lace stockings. The thigh highs could work too.


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  • It'll hurt your tips if you dress more conservatively. A lot.

    • i don't agree

      not just men tip a lot of women tip also

      and sometimes the better service the better they tip

      at my previous job we didn't have to dress sexy and I made at least $100-$150 a night at a smaller casino because I remember peoples names, usual drinks and I liked to talk to people.

      More to being a waitress then a short skirt and a low cut top

    • Those things all matter a ton. Those plus short skirt does a ton.

  • it seems you job is to show ass. conservative might be the job description. If the costume is uncomfortable you have a choice. but it sounds like your job is to be a piece of ass. cool!,

    • my job is to take and deliver drink orders but I get that you're supposed to show some skin I just don't want to show to much

    • OK. lota of leg. that is easy for girls. add the pushup bra and a low cut top and you are in. so what is the question?

  • Where is the job? And are you sure you can change the outfit and still be considered "in uniform?" I'd check with management first, or at the very least ask some of your more experienced co-workers.

    • i didn't change anything they are going to give me a vest I can cover with I have to wear 2 inch heels at least though so I assume I could at least wear leggings with them

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    • thanks

      yeah I'm all butt/boobs and thighs lol but I am curvy and other girls are skinny so I feel out of place in that outfit

    • Well, depending on how you're distributed, that could look really good.

  • You should check with management. Also, you should observe your coworkers. Then, you can make adjustments to your clothing. Good Luck


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