Are there different shades of brown eyes besides hazel?

i always thought I just had 'brown' eyes but my guy friend recently said I have interesting brown eyes because theyre light brown and almost reddish burgundy...and I never noticed till now. is that because the eye color just changes or adjusts to light?

i do know a girl who has real light brown eyes theyre like camel colored I was intrigued!


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  • No why would you even think such a thing, it's only one uni color brown. That's why you walk in the street everyone has your light brown almost reddish burgundy shade :) duh that's why your friend called them so interesting because eveyone has that color.

    lol I'm yankin your chain of course there is more than one shade just like there is more than one shade of blue and green.

    • lol! yea I figured I just did some research on it and there a lot of genetic and biological explanations... there's no such thing as grey eyes though right? because theyre really blue eyes but when you get older they look grey? I heard a few people in the world do have purple eyes though!

    • Well my old Kintergarden teacher had these lovely gray eyes but she was well over 55 sooo...and I don't think violet in a real human eye color..just a deep blue because you never see real purple eyes

  • Of course there's different shades of brown. Mine are dark brown but in light change the shade.

  • yes

    mine are dark brown. ain't nothing light about them.


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