Is it strange for a guy to like spandex??

I am straight but I like the feeling of spandex such as in under amour leggings is this weird or normal ?

any girls think this is strange or OK for a guy ?


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  • I asked the same question a while back!

    Nothing wrong with it!

    Nothing weird about it!

    If you like it and comfortable in them...go for it

    What you wear does not make you straight or gay for the narrow minded idiots out there! Gay guys wear jeans, football uniforms, military uniforms, police uniforms and firefighter uniforms does that make them straight...use some f*&%$#@ common sense!

    • I agree

      plus it is not like I'm running around in public acting like a fool trying to get attention.

      in the end they are only clothes

    • Thanks for the BA!

      I agree with your comment below about the comfort and as you say they are just clothes! If you were after attention you would have asked about wearing them with a shirt that showed off your tummy lol!

      Go in comfort!

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  • Your GAY!

  • If you like it the you like it

    Nothing weird oh it

    • agreed

      Now I see why girls like leggings to much, they are very comfortable.

      anyway as long as I'm not running around in around in public acting like a idiot with them I think I have nothing to worry about

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