Is wearing shorts with wedges trashy?

I tried asking this on why answers at first..then I remembered you never get intelligent answers there.. Silly me :P

Anyways.. I'm not talking like short shorts or anything. I mean a little higher than mid thigh shorts. And then my wedges are like 2 1/2 inches high..and I'm short lol

I think the shorts might actually be just a teeny bit longer than these --> link

I tried this outfit on and I thought it was really cute.. But I've never worn shorts this short and/or wedges to school before so I wasn't sure if it'd be alright.. lol

&this is the top I have! :) link It looks cuter on me though ;)
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They're jean shorts.. I forgot to mention that :O
Yahoo! Answers* not why answers... :I
The wedges are like this but dark dark navy link


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  • It depends on what the wedges look like too. But I'd say no, it doesn't look trashy.

  • those shorts are not bad, I think it looks trashy when girls wear shorts so short, you can see their bare butts lol.

  • very cute not trashy at all! I'd def wear that


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