What kind of tattoo do you find sexy on a girl?

post a link and describe the tattoo :)

and where


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  • I second the other guy, Tramp Stamps. Not so much for the design, but for the message it sends.

    Otherwise, I'm really not into tattoos. I wouldn't not date someone for having one (a normal location at least, not on her face or anything like that), but I really don't see it bringing anything sexy to herself.

    • oh okay:) so what kind of signals does a trampstamp send to you?

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    • interesting :)

    • interesting

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  • If I'm honest 'tramp stamps'are pretty damn nice.

    But most tattoos as long as they're fairly small and feminine will look good.

    • nice ha ha :) I want to get a tattoo but don't really know where or what

  • hmmm I never really gave it any thought, tramp stamps are hot, but they're trashy and say a lot about you

  • i donot think it s sexy for a girl to have a tattoo


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