How do you know if you're pretty?

how do you know if you're pretty?

when people approach you a lot in school, other public places?

if you've had dozens of boyfriends?

if you get hit on a lot?

so how do you really know?


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  • You no your are pretty when you feel it. When you believe you are beautiful, it just sort of brain washes you and other people you are.

    Having a lot of boyfriends means you aren't good at relationships.

    Getting hit on a lot means you probably look easy,have wonderful titalating assets...or just look like a confident open person.

    If many people tell you, "you are pretty" It still could be a could be a confidence booster. It doesn't even matter what people think of you. It is all in what you believe you look like. If you think you are ugly...deep deep down. You either have mental issues...or you are really ugly. Some people suffer with depression so it can cause them to think the opposite of themselves. But we all know, deep down how we look. You can fool everyone...but you sure a hell can't fool yourself unless you have personality disorders.


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  • The thing with looks is, they are subjective. You could be pretty to one guy and meh to another. It's not an absolute thing. The more concerned about it you are, the more superficial you look which kills your personality and makes you ugly. Work with what you got. Some guy(s) out their is going to think you are gorgeous. You can't make everyone happy though. =)

  • This goes for both sexes.

    You know your pretty/handsome when you value yourself.

    You cannot love anyone till you love yourself.



What Girls Said 1

  • all of those and have a boyfriend and their friends and family hit on you that means you are pretty for sure lol


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