How often do you see someone that's datetably attractive? (plus a few more questions)

1. How often do you see someone that you believed was datetably attractive?

2. How often do they look at you/notice you/approach you like they think you are too?

3. How often you you get checked out by someone you don't find attractive?

4. Please state at what point you are in life (e.g. working, high school, college, university etc.)

5. (optional) please also state how attractive you think you are on a scale of 1-10.

I'm not interested in the personality side of things, this question is based on looks alone. If your going to regurgitate the importance of personality, do not answer this question.
I've decided to make the answers easier, but you can expand if you feel the need to:

1. Never, rarely, sometimes , frequently, all the time

2. Never, rarely, sometimes , frequently, all the time

3. Never, rarely, sometimes, frequently, all the time


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. all the time

    2. rarely

    3. sometimes

    4. working

    5. 7.5


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  • 1. rarely

    2. Of the datable guys I do see they sometimes, check me out

    3. frequently

    4. college

    5. between a 7 and an 8

  • Hi! I suggest you post these as separate questions...

    • I'm looking for correlation.

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