Are shorter men (5'7 and under) more self-conscious about their height than taller men?

I've noticed that shorter men (5'7 and under) are more self conscious about their height.

Additionally, they are usually less self-confident or more likely to try and make up for their 'lack of height.'

Does anyone else notice this?

Btw, I don't mind shorter men. I just noticed this.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Of course they are.. but usually they don't talk about it out in the open.

    It's not acceptable among guys to talk about your insecurities.. if you don't wanna look like a sissy.

    Among girls - yes, they can talk freely what bothers them.

    Just seeing how many "height questions" are here just proves it!

    And actually.. it was a great surprise me to me how insecure they are about it!

    That actually explains a lot - why(in the real life) it's -almost always- the short guys who are the most arrogant ones, most obnoxious ones and those who(pretend to) bully others.

    I'm a tall guy(6'1) I'm quite happy about it and I've never been self-conscious about my height.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Prolly, and it's all you women's fault. Same as men's fault for women obsessing over stupid things that they can't control or don't really make them any less appealing. Our society is f***ing stupid and shallow.

  • I am 5'8 and I worry about it.

  • I don't give a sh*t tbh.


What Girls Said 2

  • I've noticed that taller guys don't seem to feel the need to mention their physical strength as much as smaller guys . It seems to be a given that they can handle themselves .

    My ex boyfriend is 6 foot 6 and big built . When we were out at bars there have been a few times when smaller ( drunk ) guys have tried to start a fight with him for no other reason than his size .

    Also the only relationship I've ever been in where there was violence was with a guy who was small ( and had an issue with his size ) . He wasn't capable of taking on the guys he wanted to so he took it out on me .

    If I'm ever talking to a guy who feels the need to " talk a big fight " it always seems to be smaller guys . It sets alarm bells off for me and I always keep it in mind that those big fights could be with me .

    I realize that most smaller guys are not like this . Some are confident in themselves.

    I'm talking about the insecure ones . I definitely keep an eye out for them , just because of past experience.

    No offence to the shorter guys who are secure in themselves :)

  • I think so and that comes from those big dorky guys who bully them. Men of all sizes are great to me! :)

    • Really? you're gonna claim it's the big guys? Have you seen how many women here have had said "no" to dating short guys? lol.

    • oh, sorry. forgot about that. have'nt payed attention to other women saying no to the short guys.

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