Do any of you curly haired girls use mousse or hair spray?

I've never used mousse or hair spray because I always thought these products were for people with very easy manageable hair like maybe someone with more of a wavy hair.

Actually I still don't know what the purpose of these two products are. Do any of you girls with curly use them? If so how do you use them and what do you gain from using them?


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  • i do I have really thick heavy curly hear

    right when I get out of the shower I spray some "aqua net hair spray" its really cheap and works magics

    there is another one that you can find sally's it is white and black letters with a black cap

    called: dermalogica

    its expensive but works wonders too

    • What does it do to your hair? Also, is it damaging?

    • both make shiny

      it doesn't make my hair dry

      neither oily

      hold my hair all day

      no white freckles

      and keeps my hair's texture all day

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  • I have thick, curly hair & I use Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly along with either extra virgin coconut oil or sweet almond oil. I use an oil(but you can also use serum) just to prevent the hard crunchy look

  • I use Curl Reactivation spray, Simply No Frizz Spray, Mousse, and Hairspray.

    If I don't my hair turns into a fro. It just keeps it less poofy and manageable.

  • I don't use them anymore. even the dry ones made my hair sticky. instead I get my brush very wet and slowly brush through my hair

  • I use em! They help not make my hair frizzy and froofy!

  • No,i find them too drying.

    • Oh okay, see that's a problem for me because have a lack of moisture issue. Thanks for letting me know. So there aren't any that aren't drying?

    • I don't know of any at the moment that aren't drrying.I would have to do some research.But typically curly hair should stay away from products that contain alcohol like holding spray etc.I don't use them because know that they would just dry my hair and cause immediate breakage.

  • I usuallly go for Mouse and Gel.

    • I like how my hair looks with gel in it but I hate the way it feels. So mouse does the same thing that gel does?

    • Yup. It makes it all crunchy...

      Usually I would recommend the "shea moisture curl enchancing smoothie.." but I don't no if the mositure will be too much for your typeof curly hair. I have like coarse stuff. Maybe you can try an jojoba oil or coconut oil to soften it up a bit.

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