What do YOU think I should I do?

So I like this guy in 2 of my classes and is a year older than me. Only prob is that he's my complete opposite! He's a vegetarian, very religious, knows a lot about music theory, very smart and I'm not. We both have a common interest of music... it's just that I'm not really up on advanced music theory that he is.

When we went on our annual trip in October, everyone has to pick a name randomly and he got mine, and what he put in that note made me think he likes me... I mean Michelle ma belle.

He's not like any of the other guys I've liked it just kinda happend. I was gonna send him a rose for valentine's day saying, You make me smile, I hope this rose returned the favor.

But now our school's not selling roses this year and I need YOUR opinion on what I should do now. Plzzzz and thnx.


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  • hi prestonm.this might be a bit late for valentine day but I'm sure it may help in the long run.by the way you speak of this guy, I believe you are interested in him.something about him attracts you right.u feel a longing to be in his company.THEN...GO FOR IT!they say opposites attract.here's why.because of ur differences, you both wil learn a lot from each other.and that is what lifes about.we all live here and learn each day.so...would it hurt to give it a shot?a wise guy once said its better to try something rather than don't try then wonder on and on what could have been the outcome.my dear, life is about adventures, so dare to step in the open and inhale the sweet fragrance of ythis life


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  • Talk to him more. Ask him for help, or show him that you're interested in his knowledge of music. Guys love teaching girls things!

  • I've never know a guy to dump a girl because she didn't know enough music theory, but maybe I haven't lived long enough.

    Anyway, try a bag of Valentine's candy with a card instead.


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