I've grown to like expensive brands. What's wrong with me?

I grew up very poor. My clothes and toys were hand-me-downs and things from Goodwill or Wal-Mart. I didn't have style as a teenager because my clothes were just whatever I had.

When I went to college I started working full time at a minimum wage job. It covered my housing and food (which my scholarship didn't) plus left me enough to shop at places like American Eagle and other mall stores and actually wear makeup because I could afford to buy it. I finally felt like a normal person.

Then I graduated and got a job with a tech company, which pays well for someone my age. I made the mistake of buying a few nice things- a designer bag here, a pair of Lucky jeans there- and now I feel like I can't wear anything else. My American Eagle clothes, which were once a step up, now are my lounging at home clothes, and I wouldn't be caught dead in a Wal-Mart shirt. I feel like I'm becoming snobby and stuck up and I hate it, but I like my new nice things. I don't look down on other people who have less, but I look down on myself if I'm not wearing stylish, high class clothes.


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  • You're not becoming snobby or stuck up, when you grow up and mature you realize that clothes are an investment, you invest your money in clothes that will last you for years. Places like Walmart manufacture cheap trendy clothes that will be out of fashion in a few months and be word threadbare not long after that. By shopping at more grown up stores, in the long run you'll be spending less because you won't have to replace your clothes all the time. Lucky Brand jeans are going to last you a hell of a long longer than jeans from Walmart or even American Eagle.


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  • i find that the more expensive brands are the more quality brands which is the reason why I like them. I find the materials more comfortable to wear and I find they fit better than things from walmart. now the prices are racked up quite high on a ton of brands e.g. guess, bench, etc. but the quality is still fabulous none the less!

  • Nothing? People tend to feel better when wearing high quality clothes.


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