Whats the most impressive outfit that a girl could wear this summer?

I asked my significant other this question when we were at the mall yesterday. He chose this itty bitty mini strapless dress with these oversized wedges and I tried it on and he LOVED it. He spent lots of cash on it and he says that was the most impressive outfit he's ever seen on a woman. Personally I think guys look @ fashion a bit different, all I saw was "slutty" written all over it. So what's your style?
  • Heels and mini dresses
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  • Leggings and tunics
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  • Wedges and shorts
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  • Blazers and jeans
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  • All of the Above
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What Guys Said 4

  • If the weather is nice enough for a girl to be out and about in the summertime then she should be enjoying it and doing something active. None of the outfits you mentioned are appropriate for active living, so I have to say none of the above.

    • Grrr...I mean outfits to impress. But ok.

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    • Any girl dressed how you mentioned would go completely ignored by me for this reason.

    • Dude, its a question. I get you, you're interested in the "active" lifestyle. Dressing up here and there, its nothing wrong with that either. I personally have my days where I wear sneaker, a ponytail and spandex as well, but that's not what I was asking, so maybe if you disagree with my question, you just shouldn't answer.

  • a nice summer dress (NOT with heels)

    or (not rediculously)Short-shorts and a t-shirt that doesn't show stomach

  • A nice cami, shorts and sandals.

  • Umm maybe this is just cause I grew up living on the beach but in the summer here we see girls walking around in shorts and bikini tops like it's all they own. And that is WAY hotter than anything you just mentioned.


What Girls Said 2

  • I kinda frumpy but I like femmie and slutty

  • What girls think looks good and what guys think looks good are two totally different things.

    Personally I don't dress up at all in the summer. When the temperature hits above 90 degrees F, that's my favorite time of year because it's so hot that I get a legitimate excuse to walk around in clothes that show off how hard I work on my body. :)

    I usually wear sandals or trainers, shorts, and some kind of midriff baring shirt.


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