Anyone know what this hair style is called?


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  • Taylor Momsen

    THE LOOK Soft back-curled waves

    HOW-TO Start with a volumizing spray or finger mousse through damp hair to create volume and give hold to the hair. Then use a round metal brush and blow-dry the hair, pulling the brush away from the face, towards the back. Once dry, take pieces that frame the face and curl with an iron, turning the barrel away from the face. Brush out with the finger and add a flexible-hold hairspray.

    INSIDER TRICK Day-old hair will look best with this style.

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    Try on Taylor's hair now!

    • Oh and btw, loved that show, I watched the first season, I got way too busy to watch it though

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  • i don't think it has a name. it's just shoulderlength, with face framing layers. the ends are razored so they're really jagged. then you would used some silk drops, brow dry, flat iron and add some shine spray.

  • It is a long bob: link