Any remedies for smelly feet?

My boyfriends nephew is staying with us for a couple of weeks. But he's feet smell, and since he will be staying for a couple of more weeks I want to know what to do something to help him with his smelly feet


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  • Go to wal-mart. Go to the section that has Gold Bond. They have a wide selection that often works. We use that in the army and it usually works. Good luck.

    • awesome ! thank you!

    • No problem. If it works for us walking around in them for sometimes 20 hours straight with thicks socks and tight boots, you should be able to solve your bf's nephew's problem.

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  • Smelly feet usually come from "athlete's foot mycosis", which is what happens to feet which marinate in shoes all day long.

    There are powders to put in the shoes and on feet for a few weeks. Usually cheap stuff, and it solves the problem well. Of course, good hygien has to be combined with it ;)

  • there are some sprays. because usually its because of old shoes and sweety feet combined. spray the shoes and he should wash his feet better

  • Vinegar is amazing for removing smells.

    • oh I have that at home, I should try that today.

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