How to lose muscle/fat?

So I have really muscular legs from sports, especially soccer, for the most part they are muscle.. I really don't like them.. I have some fat on them that I would like to lose and maybe lean down my muscle? not necessarily lose my muscle? if that makes sense... I like my stomach a lot, that is not my issue.. I also do not like my arms.. and I'd like to lose weight in my arms.. I have broad shoulders also.. will losing weight in my arms/back area make my broad shoulders appear smaller? Sorry this is all over the place.. but can someone tell me what I should eat/ stay away from in order to lean muscle in my legs/lose fat in my legs and lose fat in my arms...


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  • You can't spot reduce, so you'll have to reduce your calorie intake and continue with aerobic exercise and some light weight work to maintain your muslce mass. That way you will slowly lose fat overall, which will help those places you want to slim down.

    Yes,if you lose weight, your shoulders can flex backwrd easier and appear smaller, don't woryyy about that. Extra flesh makes them move outward and appar larger when resting.


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  • I have the same muscular legs problem as you, and I've recently started long distance running. It seems to have slimmed my thighs a bit already but no difference yet in my calves

  • Run long distances with no incline.


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