Which outfit is most attractive?


which and why? what's best to go on the date?


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  • Can't find anything on the list I like. Of course none of those outfits would be suitable for any date I would want to take a girl on. If I absolutely HAD to pick one I would go with the first one, and that's just because I have a thing for jean jackets. They remind me of my childhood.

    • " Of course none of those outfits would be suitable for any date " why is that?

    • Any girl I would date is one whose idea of a good time would involve doing things like going paintballing, or going to amusement parks, or otherwise just overall having a fun, yet active, good time. And a dress and heels or sandals is simply not suitable attire for those types of activities. The only exception to this would be a movie or a standup comedy show and then I would be paying more attention to the show than the girl, which would make it a poor choice for a date.

    • Plus I just find when a girl puts too much effort into putting together an outfit or a look, that, to me, is a turnoff. But I understand that other guys won't agree.

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  • I like the st - Street Style one. Will show off your curves and it's stylish at the same time. Can't go wrong with this one.

  • Street style and k.m1. It's simple yet elegant and form fitting and would accentuate most women


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