Guys, would you rather a girl's hair look messy and soft or pretty and crunchy?

I have unruly hair so I have to add products to it to make it look nice and neat but it feels crunchy.

When I don't add products my hair it's very soft but frizzy and unruly.
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Guys, it still "looks" fairly natural with product, it just doesn't "feel" natural lol.


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  • Pictures would help. It kinda depends on the style. Honestly though, the best thing is whichever makes you feel most confident. If you are happy with the way you look, it will reflect in how you compose yourself, and that will attract guys more than your hairstyle.

    • No style really just down, long and curly. I'm just asking what you would prefer personally.

    • I think more often than not, I prefer a more natural look over too much product, or even any at all.

    • I noticed your edit to the question, but you'd be surprised the little visible difference it makes when there's some "crunch" to your hair. It's not so apparent just looking in the mirror, but more as you're moving around, the way it bounces. It's hard to fake natural without just going natural, or minimal. Again though, if you feel more confident having it set and less messy, that's going to be a far bigger factor than the nuances of how it falls or feels.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Soft and pretty!

    But well, soft and frizzy when I'm physically with the person, so I can play with it.

    Crunchy and neat when I'm only looking at the person/talking or there's no physical aspect involved.

  • Definitely A for me. I much prefer natural. And I much prefer her hair to be down; I don't like it "up."

  • when your trying to impress someone "look pretty" but once you have made him yours and yall kiss he can put his hands around your neck and fell your soft hair. I put it in quotations because I alway liked soft and frizzy har

  • Messy & Soft by a long shot...(:

    • @Update...same old story? You do not like my answer? I like my female's hair to be soft...I like soft hair on top and I like soft pubic curls...Soft is Senuous...(:

What Girls Said 2

  • Girl, I know how that is. I've tried all sorts of products, so I know exactly what you mean by "crunchy". I'd recommend trying an anti frizz serum. Serums are light and liquid, so upon drying it shouldn't leave your hair crunchy. Use it sparingly though, so your hair may appear a bit greasy. It's the best solution I've been able to find so my hair stays soft, but some what controlled. I also don't know your hair type though. My hair is thick and wavy. If you're hair is anything like that I've give it a try :)

    • *or your hair

    • When I have my hair straight serums work but they do very little for taming my curly frizz. My hair type is thick and curly, lots of fluff.

  • Soft and pretty


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