Is eye color a big deal????

I know... it kinda depends on the person.

But I have brown eyes. Just about all my friends have really light brown, hazel, beautiful blue.

Mine are so dark you can't even see my pupil.

I have a thing for blue and green eyed guys with dark hair.

I feel like guys are interested in "interesting" eyes

the kind that you would get hypnotized in.

... :/

I just want to know if eye color is a big deal


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  • If someone has really nice eyes, that is a plus. But it's extremely rare that someone actually stands out as having nice eyes. I've never seen anyone with "ugly" eyes. I am almost always indifferent. So if you don't think your eye color is particularly pretty, don't worry about it. It really doesn't matter.


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  • I couldn't care less. But brown is a very nice color. I like brown better than blue or green, but it wouldn't usually be a deciding factor in whether I like a girl or not.

  • Many guys could care less.

    To me, if a girl as nice blue eyes, it makes her like four times as attractive as she really is. But I'm not like most guys.

  • No.


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