He said that "I want you to be more cute with me" - what does it mean?

"i want you to be more cute with me, don't know how this came to me,not like you don't, a cute little girl that you are"

Guys I really need your help my English not so good and I wanna know what did he try to tell me, thank you all.


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  • He probably means more affectionate or lovey dovey.

    Ex. giving him kisses

    -cuddling with him

    -holding hands


    • i asked him "what is being cute?" he said "being a girl being handsome" and I was really so angry to him, I thought he tried to change me... there was no any reason to say that, do you think am I wrong?

    • Somewhat but not really because you didn't understand what he meant.

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  • Ask him for a TRANSLATION! lol..


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