How do you know what complexion you are? warm, cool, or neutral?

I am trying to figure out if I should dye my hair chestnut brown or keep it black like how I have it now. But first I want to see if chestnut brown would look good before going through with it or if it's more convenient to keep it black. And I'm confused with the whole complexion thing. Also would they both be professional because I am going in for a 2nd job interview.


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  • so, there are some ways to find this out:

    1) Flip over your arm and look at the veins. Veins that appear greenish indicate yellow undertones which means that your skin tone is warm. Veins that appear to be more blue indicate blue undertones which means your skin tone is cool.

    2) Pull your hair back into a pony tail or use a head band to keep all of the hair off of your face. Wash your face and then place a white towel around your neck and shoulders. The pure white cloth will reflect skin undertones. If your face looks yellow next to the white towel you have a warm skin tone and if it looks more blue then you have a cool skin tone.

    3) Observe the effect that gold and silver jewelry have on the way your skin looks. This is a helpful way to determine your skin tone. If you look better in silver jewelry you have a cool skin tone, and if you look better in gold then you have a warm skin tone.

    4) Look at the natural color of your hair and eyes. People with cool tones usually have blue, green, or grey eyes with blond, black, or brown hair. Those with warm skin tones often have brown, black, or hazel eyes with black, brown, blond, red, or strawberry blond hair.

    5) Look behind the ear. Pull the ear forward until you can see the skin in the little crease that is there. Unless a self-tanning product is used there, it always will have either a pink or yellow undertone there. Again – if it is yellow, your skin tone is “warm”. If it is pink, your skin tone is “cool”. It is hard to do this little trick on yourself, but you can always ask someone to help you with it.


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  • I want to know this too! my guess is warm=red undertones, cool=olive undertones, neutral=yellow undertones. I could be way wrong though..

  • If you tan your warm

    • simple enough haha, thanks.

  • do you look good in orange, or washed out? warm tones generally look good in orange and yellow.

    cools don't. I know I'm cool but I don't know how to explain it.

    are you better in gold, or silver? gold is warm, silver is cool. equal in both is probably neutral.

    • I look good in orange and in gold, so I'm warm?

    • probably

    • ok thankyou!

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