Anyone with me on this one? (men's fashion)

i like hipster fashion. I don't personally adhere to it, but I enjoy it.

what I don't get here is this: skinny jeans, leather jackets with little bombs on them, multiple pairs of boat shoes (some with hightops <--wtf) etc. I get it boutique = unique. it also equals a bank buster. a typical hyden yoo T SHIRT (not button up) goes for 80+ retail. a comparable t can be had at pacsun for about 20 bucks. for 80 you can buy suit components or a nice pair of shoes that only take good old fashioned maintenance and creativity to make a flexible ensemble item.

i probably sound like boring old man river that thinks about the value of his dollar over the value of social wealth, but I don't mind. one of the most gratifying experiences in life is too stand out of the herd with impeccable style, creativity (both visually and monetarily), and contemporary adjustments. it's truly a confidence builder and conversational piece.

anyone agreed?

btw, I'm not dogging on hipster fashion. I just don't get the price tag that comes with fleeting styles, and need for teenage youths and young adults to have them


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  • I don't even know what the hipster style looks like .. but is this ? link

    ..On the other hand, I do care about the value of the dollar over the value of social wealth too .. I hardly follow the trend.. yes I do get skinny jeans since those are the ones on the market, but I don't go over board. I respect people who think about the value of their money, and I completely despise guys in college who get 500 bucks shoes just for the sake of the emblem.

    I love being creative in my own boundaries.. I wear stuff that hardly people wear .. they are not necessary alienated from the generic trend, but still I am from the very few who wear them.. and I feel awesome , you are very right!

    • hah, yea I actually didn't think of it from the bougie label perspective either. buying labels is pretty 90s anyways, along with hyper color tshirts and douney & burke. the best brand is your brand, imo. it can't ever be imitated so it's always pretty bomb

      and this is hipster fashion link

      i actually kinda appreciate the pic you linked. kind of a no thought club outfit...always love those for when you just don't give a ffffffffflip

What Guys Said 1

  • Boat shoes are not hipster, I have a pair of boat shoes, and I make fun of hipsters and emos, to me they are all the same, except hipsters don't cry and cut themselves in the corner.


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